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First is my home built recumbent, these bikes are very popular in the states and also in other parts of europe but not so common here. The name 'recumbent' comes from the position you are in whilst seated and are quite efficient because the laid back rider position gives less wind resistance than the upright position. Pretty quick on the flat and downhill, can be hard work up hill.

Purpose built faired models hold many speed records. Often refered to as Human Powered Vehicles (HPV's). They come in various guises, short and long wheel base and under or over seat stearing. Mine is a SWB / OSS model with full suspension.

Sir Alex Moulton developed the rubber cone and hydrolastic suspension on the original Mini and various other models in the late 1950's. He then turned his attention to bikes. Cycle design had remained pretty much unchanged since the "safety bicycle" of the 1880's. Alex moulton knew that small wheels had less drag, a lower moment of inertia (spin easier) and with high pressure tyres a smaller contact patch (less friction) than larger wheels. In the early 60's this radical new design shook the cycle world.

With front and rear suspension to compensate for its stiff wheels and hard tyres the Moulton team went on to win many races until the design was effectively banned after a couple of years. They are still made and used in time trials and marathon rides over extreme terrains.

The white 1965 F frame model has had many of its original heavy steel components replaced with lightweight alluminium, its pretty quick for what many people think is a Raleigh Shopper!

The red 1963 F frame was bought to restore and upgrade to be a mirror image of my white / black one but turned out to be a bit too good. I got the T cut and polish on the frame, gave it the 'billiard cue' effect and repainted the tatty guards, forks and racks white.

1977 BMW R60 / 7 600cc 40 bhp

1978 Honda ST 70 'dax' 72cc 5.2bhp  
1992 Mini 'British Open Classic' 1275cc 50bhp
Mini Open Classic



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